Renato Hong

Introduction to myself

  It's destiny to meet in the boundless huge crowd.
  I am a student from SZU. My major is microelectronics science and engineering. Here is my knowledge collection blog, in the sea of knowledge, I am a net, but my strength is not great, appetite is limited either.
  A journey of thousands of miles accumulates in staggering steps; a ship of thousands of miles becomes a compass; thanks to all my teachers for their daily guidance, I can achieve today's achievements. A mood, fluttering with the traces of the heart; a friendship, each other forever treasured in the heart. Deeply bless you, my friend: always happy! Always happy! And no matter what the future holds, I want to thank you for bringing beauty to my life.
  With far up, meet why had met. If you have any questions, please click the email button on top and I will reply in time.

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